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Childhood issues anyone?

March 25, 2019

Childhood anita-jankovic-606752-unsplash

I spent the last weekend with mixed a group of people on a Conscious Parenting workshop.

Men and women, some old and some young all seeking to be better parents.

The name of the workshop may have been a little misleading as what we really did was address our own issues to prevent them from showing up in our relationships with our children.

The most striking thing about the entire weekend was the fact that almost every issue people had with their children was reflecting back some childhood trauma with their own parents or teachers.

People were brought to tears as they faced emotions long buried but still interfering in their day to day lives.

One man who was told by his school teacher to  ‘Sit down and shut up’ and a lady who was beaten by her father for sneaking off to the corner shop and another who’s teacher gave her a hard time too.

As Louise Hay says, ‘we are all victims of victims’, and if we do not address our childhood wounds we will inadvertently continue the pattern, if not physically, then energetically.

The emotional wounds of our childhood create the energetic blockages in our current relationships.

For example, the man who was unseen by his parents; told to be quiet all the time, is now unseen and ignored by his own son. The same pattern has been recreated for him in his adult life.

This was all good as it forced him to address the issue and seek healing.

It falls upon us to heal the wounds that have been passed down from one generation to the next, going back sometimes centuries.

We owe it to our children to heal ourselves and to be the best that we can be.

Photo by Anita Jankovic on Unsplash


Stressed out

March 15, 2019

tim-gouw-68319-unsplash stress

Not everyone who comes for energy healing is seeking to heal a physical problem. Most are actually after something more abstract. Greater clarity of mind, emotional stability or simply a sense of peace.

Stress is one of the biggest problems faced by people living in this modern world. Recently I had a successful business owner come see me. Physically he was healthy and in good shape, but emotionally he was struggling.

He was suffering from random panic attacks that were effecting his work and his stress levels where unusually high.

For these reasons I started working on his emotional body, the layer of the aura where most of our emotional energy is stored.

I didn’t find anything particularly related to stress, simply a normal mix of emotions that any one of use could expect to find. I cleared his emotional body of all blockages and negative emotions, I did a chakra alignment and then some healing on the other subtle bodies.

Two weeks later he reported that he hadn’t had a panic attack since our appointment and he was feeling much calmer, emotionally stable and feels his stress is manageable.

The reason we can get these results is because our aura holds all our old unprocessed negative emotions. This emotional energy piles up like garbage that isn’t taken to the dump. Then when we trigger an emotion, we trigger all the old emotion of the same frequency that is sitting in the garbage pile. So we don’t just get the emotional reaction from the current event, we get the emotional reaction of all past similar events.

Have you ever gotten unusually angry getting caught at a red light? Well, you’re not just angry from the red light in front of you, you are angry again at all the past red lights that caught you at a bad time.

Every time my client was getting stressful news at work, he was triggering all the stressful situations he had experienced over the past 20 years.

This may seem insignificant, but if you have experienced debilitating stress, then I think you will appreciate how important this can be for a person.

We have a few more appointments lined up to share some useful emotional management tools and to completely restore the aura making it more resilient, improving his immune system and leaving him with a greater sense of peace.

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

Cancer and past life wounds

March 15, 2019
sharon-mccutcheon-1398011-unsplash Cancer
My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was in 1st year at university. Having watched her mother (my grandmother) die from cancer about 10 years previously I was naturally very scared. Fortunately she survived although I’m not sure if she ever fully recovered from the chemotherapy.
These days I work with many clients who have been diagnosed with cancer and it presents many interesting energetic patterns that we really need to study in greater depth.
(I believe we need to study the energy field in as much detail as the physical body has been studied)
There is far too much to discuss to cover everything, so in this post I simply want to look at the Etheric Body, the inner most layer of the aura. The Etheric Body is the energetic blue print for the physical body and mirrors the physical body in every way.
When I do a complete aura restoration I normally start with the Etheric body as it is the foundation on which all other Subtle Bodies (the other layers of the aura) sit.
I normally do this before meeting with the client to avoid front loading my investigation (Getting information about the client’s health before reading the energy field can give clues to the healer about where to look, I like to go in blind and be completely objective).
The problems I find in the Etheric Body are primarily past life wounds linked to a physical trauma in that life.
As I connect with the Etheric Body, I can gather information about these wounds using a number of different psychic tools.
So for example I have had 2 clients where I discovered past life axe wounds to the head and then discovered that that is the exact point where a brain tumour is growing.
I have had several clients who have experienced sexual assault in a previous life and then had cancer (or other disorders) of the reproductive organs.
A man with colon cancer raped by a priest in a previous life; stomach cancer, stabbed in the stomach by his brother in a previous life; breast cancer, stabbed in the breast by her husband in a previous life.
Even more interesting is in cases of leukaemia where I have found 2 or more wounds that covered the entire physical body. Most recently I had a client with 4 such etheric wounds:
Dying in a fire twice, dying from small pox in the 1500’s and being stoned to death in the 1300’s.
A coincidence? I think not.
Obviously where there has been massive damage done to the physical body in the current life there would not necessarily be a past life wound or another energetic cause, but then these people aren’t normally drawn to me for healing.
I’d love to study the energy patterns behind cancer in greater detail and as always I’m willing to work with a fair energy exchange for those who feel unable to afford type of service.
Get in touch if you would like to know more.
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Sexual abuse and the soul

March 12, 2019

Sexual abuse is still so prevalent in our broken society and the effects last far longer and go far deeper than we realize.

Last week I helped a client who was suffering from anxiety and a fear of small spaces. We had already completed a few sessions and her aura was restored, the final piece of the aura restoration puzzle was her heart frequency which was still below what it should be. That indicated to me that a soul retrieval was required.

I guided her through the process and was a little surprised when she started describing a scene from an Irish coal mine in the 1800’s.

As a 12 year old girl, her family’s extreme poverty had forced her into work. The only work available was in a coal mine, filled with men.

In this scene she knew she had been abused and that nothing could be done about it. We carried out some healing on the part of her soul that had been left there, but we couldn’t retrieve it until we healed another sexual abuse, this time one in her current life, around the age of 4.

We traveled through time and space again and found ourselves in another small space in her childhood home. Mirroring her past life experience this home had an old fashioned coal stove, and the abuse took place in a similarly small and confined space.

We carried out the healing process in what was an emotional and deeply moving experience allowing my client to process some of the old emotions, communicate with the other people involved on an astral level and then healing that part of her soul that had broken off that day.

Feeling better we traveled back in time once again. Happily we found the soul in the coal mine and ready to return.

There was some immediate relief, but also a certain amount of integration required that would take a few days.

I often have clients who are feeling emotions that they can’t explain, but underlying all that they do and influencing their thoughts and their actions. When we go back to heal the heart field, we find these past events, sometimes forgotten events from childhood, and sometimes forgotten events from past lives.

Healing these events can be like fixing the foundations of our life. With damaged foundations, our walls will always be crooked but with good and solid foundations we can build up to the sky.


(Image: unsplash)

Inherited Trauma

March 5, 2019



I experienced a wonderful and interesting healing session this week. I was guiding a client to identify and clear a blockage in the aura, and she came across something that she found quite surprising.

After she had tuned into her mental body she saw a shadow in front of her torso. We focused into the shadow and she could sense its colour and its texture before she started to feel the emotions of the blockage. She described feeling sad, scared and a fear of loss, she even started crying as she felt those emotions.

We were guided to find out more before clearing the blockage, and this is where it got interesting.

The blockage wasn’t from a past life, but it was from before her birth. She had ‘inherited’ it whilst in the womb.

She recounted how her mother had lost a baby before she was born. When pregnant again, her mother had relived all the fearful emotions of her loss and these had been passed on to her unborn daughter (my client).

What is interesting is these emotions and the fear of loss have plagued my client her entire life, and apparently still plague her parents. We may need to do some ancestral healing in a future session to release her family from the trauma.

Clearing the blockage was easy enough, but the learning, understanding and wisdom gained was immense and a sense of relief was felt instantly.

It was a reminder of how powerful healing can be.

Why do children get sick?

February 20, 2019

Why do children get sick?


There is nothing more heartbreaking for a parent than seeing your child sick and suffering.
I’m sure I’m not the only parent who has asked ‘Why?’
When my daughter got pneumonia a few years ago I decided to explore further. I had just started on my healing journey and was learning so much healing myself and my family that I relished the opportunity to find out more.

My daughter was mostly healthy, but when she was about 3 she started getting regular chest infections that took a long time to clear up, eventually one such infection turned to pneumonia and required serious medication. The next time her chest flared up, I had begun healing and immediately set to work exploring the energetic reasons behind her cough.

Initially I released emotional blockages from her aura and within hours her chest would clear up.

I found this fascinating as she had no idea that I was doing healing on her. Children (And animals) are great in this way…they have not yet formed limiting beliefs about healing. They will always demonstrate exactly how they are feeling through their behavior and a parent can monitor their health quite easily.

Every few months she would wake up with a slight cough, I would know there was another set of energetic blockages to clear, and sure enough, her cough would disappear within hours. But why a cough, why her chest?

Eventually I went deeper and got to the root cause of why her chest was her weak point…..

I discovered that the etheric body, the inner most layer of the aura, can carry trauma or wounds from past lives.

I had been doing a lot of meditation, psychic development and practising how to access the akashic records. I put these skills together with the ancient art of dowsing to confirm the information I was receiving. Ever the sceptic and still doubtful of what I was discovering I wanted to confirm that it was true.

At the end of the day there was no real way to confirm the information with our current technological and spiritual limitations, all I could do was to see if healing these past life wounds and traumas was effective.

What I discovered was that my daughter had died in a fire several centuries before. As you will know, when you are in a fire, your chest suffers first as you breath in the smoke and die from asphyxiation.

Sure enough, after I healed this wound her chest cleared up and has pretty much stayed clear ever since. Anyone who has had children through nursery school will agree that having a completely healthy child when there are so many snotty noses around is a real blessing.

I have since been asked to do this procedure on several other children, always at a distance and always with positive feedback from the parents who are as amazed as I was that first time.

There was a 2 year old child who was permanently constipated who had been stabbed in the stomach when he was a soldier in the 1800’s. There was a child with a brain tumor who had died from an axe wound to the head in the 1600’s.

There was a child who’s doctors couldn’t explain what was wrong with him, every few months he was back in hospital with a rash that looked like insect bites, a bad chest and who could never be taken outside in case he got sick….well he was killed in by a bomb in world war 2.

All of these children have shown remarkable improvement in their health, as have all the adults who I have seen with unexplained illnesses or health problems since birth.

The thing is, we all go through stress in this life. The question I ask is why does this lead to sickness in some people, and why do people get sick where they do. Why the lungs, why the brain, why the ovaries?

The illness always seems to go to the place of energetic weakness and in my work with children and people who have serious disease, that place is almost always at the location of a past life wound.

This isn’t a case of karma where a sick child is actually being punished in this life, but rather an opportunity to heal past wounds and we can make that healing much easier and faster by healing the energetic wound with energetic healing which will allow the physical body to heal itself much faster.

My process is to do the energetic assessment prior to the first consultation to avoid ‘front loading’. It is a sensitive process and I prefer not to know anything about the persons health beforehand therefore keeping the process as objective as possible.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

As always, energy healing is a non-invasive process that is complementary to allopathic medicine.

Soul Retrieval

February 19, 2019

Soul Retrieval matt-hoffman-104894-unsplash

A mother recently came to me for a healing session, she wasn’t really sure what was wrong, she was simply feeling stuck. She had a lack of enthusiasm for life and her work and relationship felt ‘flat’

We began the process and before long we were taken back a few years to an event she had ignored and suppressed.

She had had her heart set on having another baby and when she got pregnant she felt everything was falling into place. With great excitement she counted down the days until her 12 week scan with her gynae…..but within seconds all her excitement was drained away from her, the beautiful happy images she had built in her mind collapsed and a feeling of despair grew from within the pit of her stomach.

There was no heartbeat, the hormonal indicators confirmed the worst and a traumatic D&C procedure was required in the operating theater. At the time she recalls being fairly numb about the whole thing, there wasn’t much time for self pity. Outside the walls of the hospital life continued, there were errands to run, bills to pay and a family to care for, but inside a part of her soul shut down.

Essentially it is a self defense mechanism. When trauma is experienced and can’t be properly processed, part of the soul shuts itself away, or according to the shamanic tradition, breaks off. This trauma is relative, to a young child corporal punishment is traumatic.

These soul fragments stay away for months, years or even lifetimes until such time as the person is able to properly process the emotions of the initial event. When it is ready to be healed, it begins to feel like our heart or our soul is blocked and this seems to block all the significant areas of our life.

Now in a safe space my client could reconnect to the emotions of that event and the part of her soul that stayed there. This process can be quite emotionally intense, but it isn’t always so. Sometimes it is a simple acknowledgement of what happened.

When that part of her soul was ready, we sent her healing and welcomed her back.

The results were profound and almost instant. She felt happy again, she felt like her heart was opening and her enthusiasm for life returned. Often people experience great shifts in the areas of there lives that had been blocked. With the heart open once again one can rejoin the flow of life. Synchronicity returns, life feels easier, and once can really start to live life fully once again.

It is really one of the most profound healing procedures a person can do.

Photo by Matt Hoffman on Unsplash

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