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Get her to the vet

July 15, 2019

RoxyA couple of weeks ago an urgent message was sent on the family WhatsApp group.

My Mother-in-law’s beloved dog Roxy was in bad shape. She wasn’t eating, hadn’t slept and was feverish.

Suspected tick bite fever. Everyone said take her to the vet quickly but they live in Koringberg, out in the middle of nowhere and a trip to the vet isn’t so simple.

My wife quickly asked me to have a look to see what was going on energetically. I had worked on Roxy previously so I was very curious to find out what was going on as there had been some planetary energetic shifts following the Winter solstice.

I quickly discovered that she had some residual cellular level blockages and that her heart frequency was lower than it should be which normally means there is soul loss.

I cleared what cellular blockages I could immediately with the remaining few to be released over the next few days and then turned my attention to the soul loss. Soul loss is effectively past trauma causing part of the soul to shut down or ‘get lost’.

Because the soul sits in the heart centre, the heart field and heart frequency is effected. I connected with Roxy’s Higher Self to do the healing and discovered the soul loss was related to the loss of her friend, another family dog, who had escaped the yard one day to go on an adventure that sadly ended badly when she reached the main road.

It seems it wasn’t only the humans who were deeply saddened and grieving from the loss. I did the required healing to ‘retrieve’ that part of her soul and called it a day.

I reported back to the family and my Mother-in-law reported that strangely Roxy had just fallen asleep, her first sleep in over 15 hours. That was a good sign and often seems to happen when working on animals.

I checked in the next day and Roxy was up and about as if nothing had happened! 😁 we often forget that our pets feel emotions too.

They have auras and chakras and they can have trapped emotions and stuck energy just like we have.

I love working with animals as they respond well, being free of the limiting beliefs and complicated mental constructs that adults have.

If you find the root cause of a problem they will simply get better.


How to Heal From Cancer

June 25, 2019

Cancer RemissionI finally got around to watching the movie ‘Heal’ on Netflix. It is great and well worth watching. My favorite take out though was Dr Kelly Turner and her 9 healing factors common to all people who have experienced radical remission. She should know as she has done her Phd on the subject and studied over 1500 cancer survivors who experienced a radical remission.

I was very fortunate to see one of those survivors talk at the 8 O’Clock Club a few weeks ago. Christian shared his story of how he went to live in a Himalayan monastery for a few months after he was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. You can read more about his story here:

Unfortunately not everyone can simply get up and move to a monastery. Fortunately you don’t need to go anywhere to apply the 9 factors to your life.

The 9 factors are:

  1. Radically changing your diet
  2. Taking control of your health
  3. Following your intuition
  4. Using herbs & supplements
  5. Releasing suppressed emotions
  6. Increasing positive emotions
  7. Embracing social support
  8. Deepening your spiritual connection
  9. Have a strong reason for living

I think it’s clear that everyone can benefit from embracing these all of these 9 factors but as an Energy Healer I work primarily with point 5, Releasing suppressed emotion, point 8, Deepening your spiritual connection and Point 3, following your intuition.

The Complete Aura Restoration process uses the emotional energy release procedure to identify and release trapped emotions from the aura and other energy centers. Working in a systematic way we are able to clear all the old emotions that have gotten stuck. Thereafter we begin to work with simple mediations to deepen your spiritual connection which in turn heightens your intuition.

Dr Turner has released a great book on her research called: Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds and you can find out more about her work here:

The Tale Of Freddy The Frog

June 25, 2019

henry-fournier-iVTGkBM0mP0-unsplashFreddy was a frog, as beautiful and as handsome as a frog could be. well, at least his mother thought so.

The truth is, Freddy looked just like all the other frogs in the swamp. Much like everything in the swamp, His emerald green skin was covered in brown slime. The only reason he knew his skin was emerald green was because his granny had told him so.

Her name was Sophia, and she often spoke of the good old days of lake adamah, before it became a swamp. Back when the beautiful emerald green frogs were happy and could croak all day if they wanted and were, well, emerald green. Back before the Phobo factory opened.

Sophia was as wise as any of the elders in the swamp, and she often told Freddy stories of how beautiful the lake was, how clean the water was and how happy everyone was.

But when the factory came along to the northern edge of the lake things began to change. Initially some of the elders were in favor of the factory. The water will be warmer some said, there will be more food others said, I’m not so sure said Sophia. But there was little anyone could do to stop it anyway.

The water did get warmer, but It didn’t take long for the moss and the algae to start growing faster and faster. And as the moss and the algae grew so the water got darker and darker, and before long one couldn’t even see more than a few inches ahead.

Then the frogs found it harder and harder to spend much time under water, they needed more and more time breathing at the surface, and all of this made the frogs quite fearful.

You see, at the surface they were always at risk of being eaten by the ever present herons that constantly scoured the swamp for food. In the darkness underwater they were constantly afraid of being eaten by the fish that tormented them as tadpoles and if they left the lake they risked being eaten by the snakes that lay in wait in the reeds.

And so in this fearful malaise the entire colony of frogs slowly become disagreeable, despondent and depressed.

Never-the-less, Freddy was an optimist by nature, he liked to see the good in people and looked for the silver lining in any cloud. Every evening after the sun had set and the predators had gone to sleep, the call to croak would ring out and all the frogs would go to the surface to croak, Freddy would be the first one up and would sing the loudest and with the most enthusiasm. And then, when he grew tired of croaking, liked to sit and listen.

Somehow, over the hum of croaking from around him, Freddy thought he could hear other frogs croaking off in the distance, a beautiful haunting sound that came from out beyond the phobo factory.

His friends just ridiculed him when he mentioned it. His parents thought he was crazy and once, when he asked what was beyond the swamp and the elders had quickly warned him to never venture near the factory because otherwise death was certain.

Freddy learnt to keep his thoughts and his dreams to himself, but he never stopped wondering about the beautiful croaking he heard of in the distance when he sat quietly and listened.

One day, as Freddy sat on the bottom of the swamp, he saw a cloud drifting closer in the water. His friends bolted for cover while Freddy looked for the silver lining. And there it was, the cloud turned into the most beautiful  rainbow colour as a magnificent trout by the name of Taekijan swam slowly passed.

No one had seen a fish in these waters for ages and Freddy was most eager to ask him where he had come from. “Excuse me, Excuse me” shouted Freddy. Taekijan could barely see him through the dark water.

“Who are you? Where have you come from, where are you going?”

Taekijan explained that he came from the source of the river, the lake at the pure spring up beyond the foul factory and its effluent of fear. He explained how there was a lake so pure and so beautiful but to get there, Freddy would need to face his fears and leave the familiarity of the swamp and his colony.

That night, when the call to croak rang out and all the frogs dutifully croaked away, Freddy made his way to the northern end of the colony and sat in silence. As he sat, he listened, he listened carefully and now more than ever he was convinced he could hear a beautiful mysterious croaking coming from the distance.

That night he couldn’t sleep, he knew he couldn’t tell anyone and he also knew that he could no longer stay in the swamp without at least trying to reach the lake. There had to be something better than this dark swamp with its fearful frogs and dark predators.

The next morning when everyone went off to their usual feeding grounds, Freddy took off. He carefully made his way beyond the borders of the colony and on towards the factory as Taekijan had instructed. The further he went, the darker it got and this is how he knew he was on the right path. The darker it got, the more afraid he became. Maybe the elders were right, maybe there are more fearsome predators here? Then he thought once more of the beautiful melodic croaking he had heard from the source.

Eventually, he could swim no further and climbed out the muddy bank of the swamp. Up ahead he could see a pipe pouring a dark and steaming liquid into the lake, and just beyond, a small clear flowing stream, just as Taekijan had promised.

Moving became incredibly difficult, the mud was thick and sticky, the reeds made seeing difficult and the hot sun baked down on his sensitive skin.

Then, all of a sudden, something caught his eye. What was that? The reeds had moved to his left, he was sure of it. He was too far from the water but not quite protected by the vegetation. There it was again, was it just the wind? Was that just a stick?


Akatharta the snake.

Freddy jumped just in the nick of time, then jumped again, and again, and again. He kept moving until he was past the pipe and at the stream. Only then did he stop to look back.

He couldn’t see the snake, but the path seemed clear. He was quite amazed at how far he had come.

Then he turned to look at the clear water in the stream, and it was only then that he saw his reflection for the first time. In the clear water of the pure stream from source he could see his muddy skin, brown and dirty from a life lived in the swamp. He felt ashamed as didn’t like what he saw. His grandmother had always told him how beautiful he was, and now it was quite clear that he wasn’t.

But Freddy was determined to reach his goal, and as he dived into the stream to continue his journey upwards the water gently cleansed him. Without him even realizing it, every stroke he took towards source cleansed him of slime and the grime from the swamp.

By the time he reached the source it was evening and all the frogs had come out to croak. He could see the fresh spring water pouring like a fountain from a cliff face. They all looked so beautiful, shining with their emerald green skin under the rising moon. They welcomed him warmly and invited him to join them in their croaking.

They explained that they had been calling for the frogs from the swamp to join them for ages, but no one seemed to hear them.

He promised to join in their beautiful song and sang it with gusto now hearing it clearly for the first time, come home, come home, come home.


No More Tears

April 4, 2019

Photo by Aliyah Jamous on Unsplash

I’ve had 3 people in the last 2 weeks tell me how they never cry.

As a healer I always look for clues as to what is going on and this is a red flag. Feeling emotions is a normal part of our human existence, we could even say its an essential part of our human existence.

When that part is shut down, I ask why.

One of the people who never cried expressed it quite well at the end of her soul retrieval session a few days ago.

She shared how she had been through a very difficult break up several years ago. She cried for months, and felt her heart shatter and then contract into a small knot. Then she just stopped crying as if she had cried all her tears.

A numbness to emotion had been there ever since.

Sadly this is what happens when we experience intense negative emotions that we are unable to process. We shut down our ability to feel emotion in order to cope. As a survival mechanism this works, but as a society we have forgotten how to recover from trauma.

This is where the shamanic process of Soul Retrieval is so effective. We can go back from a place of safety and heal the soul that experienced that trauma. We can learn the lessons the trauma taught us, and we can restore our inner heart, our soul, our ability to experience emotions, positive and negative.

When we numb our emotions we don’t only numb the negative emotions, we also numb the positive emotions. We limit our ability to connect to others, to experience love, to experience joy.

The results of this process are astounding. People immediately report feeling lighter, feeling like there heart has expanded and feeling more at peace.

Thereafter people tend to find a greater flow in life, more synchronicity and greater ease.

Yes, you may cry more, but you will laugh more too. Allowing ourselves to experience life and all it has to offer we give ourselves the gift of life, for what is life if there is no joy?


The long lasting effects of war on the energy field

April 4, 2019

Photo by Diana Parkhouse on Unsplash

I have had several clients lately who have past life wounds from WWI and WWII. This has really driven home how devastating war really is. The energetic effects on the individual lasts for more than just one lifetime!

One boy I recently worked on had an etheric wound on his chest from a bomb blast in WWI. He suffered from croup as a young child, another died from a hand grenade explosion had strange welts over his body, another who had his throat slit suffering from a sore throat.

The sad thing is that each of these events will cause energetic blocks on as many as four energy fields.

The etheric body will carry a wound from the physical trauma as mentioned above. The emotional body could carry the emotional blockage from the wound. I sometimes find terror, panic or fear sitting here as a cloud of energy from a past life.


Photo by Stijn Swinnen on Unsplash

The mental body then carries shadow aspects which are like limiting beliefs or thought programs stuck on the frequency of the trauma.

The mental body can also hold thought forms, which is like a snap shot of a traumatic event. For example I had a client with the energy of a knife his back that was in the exact spot where he was experiencing back pain.

Then Finally, the trauma can also lead to soul loss which causes a blockage in his heart field. I did a soul retrieval on myself in which the experience of terror from being shot down in a plane in WWII had caused part of  my soul to close down. This can cause unexplained anxiety or stress that can simply disappear when the underlying cause is healed. 

Soul loss can cause these past emotions to arise unexpectedly when it is ready to be healed.

These energetic wounds slow down our spiritual progress and limit our efforts to raise our frequency. This is because we have these pockets of low frequency energy stuck within our energy field.

If you feel your efforts at spiritual growth are being limited, if you feel stuck energetically or if you have unexplained physical symptoms then maybe it is time to look a little deeper and heal some energetic wounds that have been carried over from a past life. Its time for all of us to heal our past, raise our vibrations and experience life to the fullest.






Childhood issues anyone?

March 25, 2019

Childhood anita-jankovic-606752-unsplash

I spent the last weekend with mixed a group of people on a Conscious Parenting workshop.

Men and women, some old and some young all seeking to be better parents.

The name of the workshop may have been a little misleading as what we really did was address our own issues to prevent them from showing up in our relationships with our children.

The most striking thing about the entire weekend was the fact that almost every issue people had with their children was reflecting back some childhood trauma with their own parents or teachers.

People were brought to tears as they faced emotions long buried but still interfering in their day to day lives.

One man who was told by his school teacher to  ‘Sit down and shut up’ and a lady who was beaten by her father for sneaking off to the corner shop and another who’s teacher gave her a hard time too.

As Louise Hay says, ‘we are all victims of victims’, and if we do not address our childhood wounds we will inadvertently continue the pattern, if not physically, then energetically.

The emotional wounds of our childhood create the energetic blockages in our current relationships.

For example, the man who was unseen by his parents; told to be quiet all the time, is now unseen and ignored by his own son. The same pattern has been recreated for him in his adult life.

This was all good as it forced him to address the issue and seek healing.

It falls upon us to heal the wounds that have been passed down from one generation to the next, going back sometimes centuries.

We owe it to our children to heal ourselves and to be the best that we can be.

Photo by Anita Jankovic on Unsplash

Stressed out

March 15, 2019

tim-gouw-68319-unsplash stress

Not everyone who comes for energy healing is seeking to heal a physical problem. Most are actually after something more abstract. Greater clarity of mind, emotional stability or simply a sense of peace.

Stress is one of the biggest problems faced by people living in this modern world. Recently I had a successful business owner come see me. Physically he was healthy and in good shape, but emotionally he was struggling.

He was suffering from random panic attacks that were effecting his work and his stress levels where unusually high.

For these reasons I started working on his emotional body, the layer of the aura where most of our emotional energy is stored.

I didn’t find anything particularly related to stress, simply a normal mix of emotions that any one of use could expect to find. I cleared his emotional body of all blockages and negative emotions, I did a chakra alignment and then some healing on the other subtle bodies.

Two weeks later he reported that he hadn’t had a panic attack since our appointment and he was feeling much calmer, emotionally stable and feels his stress is manageable.

The reason we can get these results is because our aura holds all our old unprocessed negative emotions. This emotional energy piles up like garbage that isn’t taken to the dump. Then when we trigger an emotion, we trigger all the old emotion of the same frequency that is sitting in the garbage pile. So we don’t just get the emotional reaction from the current event, we get the emotional reaction of all past similar events.

Have you ever gotten unusually angry getting caught at a red light? Well, you’re not just angry from the red light in front of you, you are angry again at all the past red lights that caught you at a bad time.

Every time my client was getting stressful news at work, he was triggering all the stressful situations he had experienced over the past 20 years.

This may seem insignificant, but if you have experienced debilitating stress, then I think you will appreciate how important this can be for a person.

We have a few more appointments lined up to share some useful emotional management tools and to completely restore the aura making it more resilient, improving his immune system and leaving him with a greater sense of peace.

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

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